Job Description

• Support the warehouse team in any issues they are facing on system regarding the items, QTY, expiry -and locations. 
• Plan cycle and annual count as per agreed group items 
• Get approval from management to doing adjustment in the system 
• Prepare root cause analysis after meeting with warehouse supervisor / storekeeper 
• Plan random quality check to ensure no near expiry product stored in good warehouse 
• Analyze storage location based on item movement and propose relocation if needed 
• Submit weekly / monthly report on inventory count variance and adjustment 
• Coordinate with finance & storekeeper to ensure transaction closed on time 
• Take initiative to improve inventory accuracy 
• Investigate any shortage, excess complains from customer, branch and send report and request for adjustment 
• Get near expiry report from warehouse and submit to supply for needed action 
• Assist warehouse in solving inventory related issue 
• Provide any report required by Supervisor & manager 
• Initiate annual cycle count planning process and finalize weekly cycle count schedule for the year 
• Adheres to company policy and safety procedures and work to create a healthy and secure environment. 
• Do other tasks assigned by management and related to your expertise.


• Good knowledge of warehouse procedures including stacking and sorting, Supply Chain Department’s operations, Stock handling & organization, Warehousing Functions, Stock Management Systems. 
• Basic in English and Fluent Arabic to a very high standard and process good communication skills. 
• Must be good in Microsoft Office Tools, ERP / WMS and other applications relevant to his work.

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