1 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0001 73 74 74 67 79 68
2 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0004 80 77 81 82 84 78
3 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0008 67 69 68 55 55 60
4 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0016 91 87 89 91 93 92
5 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0018 68 77 81 75 80 73
6 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0030 68 73 75 70 76 65
7 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0040 68 73 74 72 60 69
8 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0042 82 78 75 73 76 75
9 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0046 82 85 90 91 88 87





Management in Logistics Fundamentals of Logistics Supply Chain Management Warehousing & Inventory Sourcing & Procurement Multimodal Transport
1 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0015 51 60
2 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0034 26
3 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0035 50
4 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0050 77 76 69 74 77 73
5 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0053 66 67 71 56 66 77
6 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0055 76 80 76 70 78 73
7 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0056 78 66 77 69 72 79
8 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0057 64 63 63 57 50 59
9 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0058 59 59 60 52 50 60
10 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0059 88 85 82 83 80 79
11 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0060 72 72 68 64 57 65
12 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0061 72 69 75 61 57 75
13 SLMT/17-18/ERS/0062 76 68 72 65 60 63



Minimum marks to pass is 50.

CILT International Convention 2018-Poland(Wroclaw)

International Convention 2018 will be taking place in Wroclaw, Poland from the 3rd to the 6th of June.

The historical capital of Lower Silesia, and Poland’s fourth largest city, Wroclaw represents a fascinating blend of cultures, religions and politics, and boasts a proud academic heritage – the University of Wroclaw has produced nine Nobel Prize winners since the beginning of the 20th century.

Awarded European Capital of Culture 2016, Wroclaw acts as the financial, cultural and commercial hub of Western Poland, and is home to a thriving student community.

Poland occupies a unique global position. Situated at a crossroads between East and West, the last three decades’ of economic and cultural progress have made Poland a by-word for success.

CILT International Convention 2018 will consider the key themes of Linking CEE to the World, and The Electric Car Revolution and its Impact on Logistics.

Delegates will enjoy an exciting 4 day programme, including presentations by Professor David Cebon, Director of the Cambridge Vehicle Dynamics Consortium, WiLAT Global Advisor Dr Dorothy Chan, and Professor René (M.) B.M. de Koster of the Rotterdam School of Management, as well as a fascinating discussion entitled How to put a Zebra on the Moon by former Executive Director of Travis Perkins and Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University, Robin Proctor.

The full programmes includes workshop and interactive sessions, the Women in Logistics and Transport Conference, the Young Professionals Conference, Technical Visits and a boat trip down the iconic River Oder.

Book now and help shape the future of our Institute and our Industry.

For further information, visit the International Convention 2018 website.

CILT – International Convention in Macao

CILT delegation attends International Convention in Macao

 Thursday, July 13, 2017 
CILT Sri Lanka delegation for the CILT Convention in Macao
CILT Sri Lanka delegation for the CILT Convention in Macao

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) held their International Convention in Macao from June 11 to 14 at Sheraton Grand hotel Cotai Central.

One of the world’s most famous free ports, Macao is a fascinating blend of industries and cultures, a jewel on the south coast of China, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. 

This year’s theme of the Convention was “Smart Journey – Belt and Road”. The Convention focused on two of the most important developments currently making an impact on the Logistics and Transport industry; the rise of Smart Technology and the ambitious One Belt One Road(OBOR) initiative.

CILT conducts its annual Convention in a member country in rotation every year. Sri Lanka hosted the Convention in June 2013 after it became a territory.

Women in Logistics and Transport (WiLAT) Forum and Young Professionals’ Forum (YPF) conventions started off in parallel sessions ahead of the CILT International Convention. This year’s Convention was attended by over 250 foreign delegates from 29 of its member countries. The delegates had ample opportunities to interact with International participants representing corporates, academia and government sector and the military and get actively involved in shaping the future of CILT and its industry.

This year’s 11 member CILT SL delegation was the highest Sri Lanka ever attended a Convention including WiLAT and YPF members and was represented by Capt. Lasitha Cumaratunga (Chairman CILT SL), Romesh David, (International Vice President)Gayani de Alwis (Vice Chairperson CILT SL), Niral Kadawatharatchi (Immediate Past Chairman CILT SL), Niroza Gazzali (Vice Chairperson WiLAT SL), Amra Zareer (Secretary WiLAT SL), Gayathri Karunanayake (Treasurer WiLAT SL), Biman Hettiarachchi (ChairmanYPF SL), Rishantha Mendis (Member), Manjari Nigamuni (WiLAT ExCo Co-opted Member), Shakkya Perera (WiLAT ExCo Co-opted Member). CILT also awarded a travel scholarship to a young undergraduate mentee from WiLAT to attend the Convention.

Prof. De-Rong Wang, Executive Vice-Chairman, CCTA, Prof. Taewoo Paul Lee, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, Morris Cheung, President, MTR Academy, Hong Kong, Prof. Kai Hoberg, Kühne Logistics University and Karmjit Singh, Chairman of CILT Singapore were some of the speakers at this year’s Global Convention.

Vice Chairperson CILT Sri Lanka Gayani De Alwis was also an invited speaker and she spoke about Sri Lanka’s perspective on Belt and Road initiative. De Alwis mentioned that Sri Lanka is right at the center of the Global east west maritime route with 50% of Global containerized traffic moving pass Hambantota. Being strategically located at the tip of South Asia, Sri Lanka was in the past a natural port of call for silk route navigators. She mentioned that the belt and road initiative will enable Sri Lanka to get connected to International value chains and provide the much needed connectivity required for rapid economic growth in the country.

Outgoing International Past President of CILT Paul Brooks was awarded the Pegasus medal for his services and CILT Kazakhstan was awarded territorial status at the Convention.

This year CILT convention also had a new segment where an opportunity was given to CILT chapters to show case their best practices at an Idea Exchange. Sri Lanka team showcased WiLAT SL’s globally renowned “Ignite” mentoring program and this initiative won the best entry of the poster competition.

The Sri Lankan team also took part in the “We Got Talent” organized by WiLAT Hong Kong for the participants to showcase their talents. Sri Lankan team performed a traditional dance act under the theme “Pooja-a Fusion of Blue Rays” which depicted a blend of cultural dance and music and won the award for the “Best Originality and Creativity”. The delegates also had the opportunity to take part in a technical visit to Hong Kong which included a visit to Hong Kong Airlines, Kwai Chung Modern Terminals, MTC OCC at Tsing Yi and a Tram Ride.

The CILT International Convention was an excellent opportunity for networking, to develop new International relationships and share experiences and best practices with colleagues across the CILT Global family. The next International Convention will be held in Wroc?aw, Poland in May 2017.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) is a leading Global professional body associated with the Logistics and Transport industry.

The Institute holds unparalleled International recognition and works towards achieving its objectives of promoting and encouraging the art and science of Logistics and Transport through its membership and its educational qualifications.

With a Global membership of over 33,000 from 33 countries across the Globe, CILT provides a professional identity to those in the ever expanding Logistics and Transport sector. It is a strong, active and a unified professional association that is able to speak with authority on strategic issues affecting businesses and people in the industry and support their careers.

CILT Sri Lanka was established in 1984 and incorporated by the parliamentary act no. 08 of 2000. In 2012, The Council of Trustees of the CILT upgraded the status of CILT Sri Lanka from a Branch to a Territory.

In doing so the Council of Trustees recognized the high standards of performance, governance and membership development evidenced in CILT Sri Lanka over the past several years.