We would like to discuss the Entry Level Opportunity in Logistics

Warehouse Assistant:

A Warehouse Assistant checks the flow of stock in warehouse, oversee goods in and out, safely and efficiently moving and handling items and keeping stock records. Warehouse plays a key element in logistics chain. To get goods from the manufacturer then to the distributor and later to the customer is the job of the logistics industry, an assistants are to check this process runs smoothly.


A warehouse Assistants can be employed in different industries and the role will vary as per the sector and the type of facility they work for example distribution centre, manufacturing plant etc. The role mostly depends on the types of operations in any sector.  At some places the warehouse assistant have to work as an all-rounder, as in pitching in with all aspects of goods control and distribution. Though it is said that warehouse is a male- dominated industry gender barriers are breaking away. Warehouse staff work together directed by their leader or supervisor.


Goods In

Goods out

General Responsibility




Diploma in Logistics

Driving License

Fork Lift Driving License



Excellent skills to handle people and verbal communication, along with patience are very much needed. They should be responsible and reliable along with commitment to safe working with regard to correct operation of mechanical handling of equipment as a warehouse assistant might have to work in a potentially hazardous environment.

Career Progression

From a warehouse assistant one can grow to Warehouse Supervisor, Warehouse Team Leader and Warehouse Manager too.