Although Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence in Logistics are technically not different, the perspective on technological advancement makes them different. Artificial Intelligence design automated system that replace human function but on the other hand Augmented Intelligence uses technology to support and complement human function.


Artificial Intelligence – AI is used in prediction of demand, modification in orders, and re-route in-transit goods to warehouses where needed in a faster and efficient manner. The Advantages of Artificial Intelligence are Reduction of Human Error, Available 24×7, Digital Assistance, Faster Decisions, etc., At the same time, the disadvantages are Unemployment, High Cost, Lack of Abstract Thinking.


Augmented Intelligence – This pattern work as a co-partnership of people and artificial intelligence working together to enrich performance. When coming to high skilled positions Artificial Intelligence alone will not work. This is when Augmented Intelligence becomes effective as it uses human skills too. It reduces time, cost and humans can effectively use this time for analytical and complex duties. The advantage is that it reduces operational costs, prevents manual errors and executes more complex activities in simple way.