Automation in any industry is being updated day after day. Same is with the Logistics industry. It is really exciting to know that the use of Autonomous Vehicles and Drones will become part of automation of movement-based tasks.

Though Autonomous Vehicles which can carry tons of loads are not still on the road but are being used to load, unload and transport goods within the warehouse. It is also being used in airports, harbors and yards. The advantages are that Autonomous Vehicles increase the efficiency by making decisions very fast with Artificial Intelligence which a human might not be able to do within a fraction of seconds. It improves vehicle safety and also goods reach the destination safely.

The Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which can be used for automatic routing and delivery. The drones can deliver faster without extra resources which has made them popular among e-commerce vendors. Many of the companies like Amazon, DHL, Fedex are already using this modern technique. The advantages are that it reduces distribution cost, faster deliveries and can reach areas that are less accessible.