Like any other materials, transportation of animals is also an integral part of the logistics
industry. The law justifies only intentional transportation of animals. Various categories like
livestock for sale or slaughter, Zoological Specimens, Laboratory animals, Race horses, Pets,
Wild animals (which are being rescued) are being transported from place to place. The
mode of transportation varies from species to species.

Though all modes of transportation are being used for carrying live animals, the best
method is by air as it covers long distances in a short period but is expensive. The laws that
exist ensure the welfare of animals that are being transported though many are violating
the same. Proper food, Ventilation, Drainage, Maintaining temperature, humidity, etc., are
to be considered while moving animals.

The different logistics companies that move animals are Amigo Logistics India Pvt Ltd., Carry
My Pet, Pet Air, Pet Movers Services International, etc.,