Warm Water Ports

In simple words, Warm Water port is a port where water does not freeze in winter. This
prevents from shutting down of ports during winter. This will help in boosting the economy
as trade will happen throughout the year.

Valdez port of Alaska and Vostochny port of Russia are the two such ports which generates
high level of revenue. The developed countries quest for warm water ports as it allows trade
throughout the year even in chilling winter. In certain countries like Ethiopia, inland
waterway trading is possible.

Winter in Russia being almost half a year, many ports are iced almost six months, the
importance of Warm water port is very relevant.

The Port of Sevastopol is considered a key hold for maritime routes between the Black Sea
and the Sea of Marmara, which in turn connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic
Ocean. The port is one of the few warm deep-water ports available to Russia in the Black