The School of Logistics Management and Technology is an educational Institution with the intention of fostering the greatest levels of academic excellence in the students. For an aspirant looking out for an international career, SLMT is a distinctive and independent co-educational Logistics Institute in Kochi, Kerala. It combines undergraduate and graduate education programmes to provide surplus talent for upcoming logistical requirements. The programme was created by leading academics and includes the most recent theoretical and technological developments while being tailored to meet the demands of industry. In order to become true professionals in their industry, our students students gain profound knowledge both broadly and deeply, cognitively exploring a variety of subjects and methodologies.


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The courses offered here enable you to develop knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of logistics and supply chain management which will assist you in the management of resources, processes and people. The Logistics courses in Kerala will help you learn about the different aspects of logistics functions, including purchasing, operations, warehousing, transportation and supply chain management.


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SLMT is a leading educational institution dedicated to provide comprehensive training and education in the field of Logistics, Shipping and Supply Chain Management through the expertly designed Logistics courses in Kerala.

 We, the best logistics institute in Kochi offer a wide range of programs and courses tailored to meet the needs of individuals at different stages of their logistics careers. Our offerings include diploma programs, professional certifications, post graduate diploma and short courses.

Our logistics programs and courses are designed to benefit individuals at various levels of experience, from entry-level professionals to seasoned logistics practitioners. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your existing skills, we have something for you.

Admission requirements vary depending on the specific program. Generally, applicants are required to have a higher secondary education or equivalent qualification. Some advanced logistics courses in Kerala like Post Graduate Diploma may have additional prerequisites like graduation. Please refer to the program-specific information for detailed requirements.

At the Logistics Institute, we offer both online and on-campus learning options to accommodate different preferences and schedules. Many of our logistics and supply chain programs in Kochi are available in a flexible online format, allowing you to study at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

Our programs are designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue successful careers in logistics and supply chain management sectors. Graduates can explore various job opportunities such as logistics coordinators, supply chain analysts, transportation managers, warehouse supervisors, and more through our logistics courses in Kerala.

 To apply for a program or course, simply contact our admissions team who are always available to assist you. You can also reach our team by mail or by visiting the contact page on our SLMT website.

Yes, we strive to provide practical learning experiences for our students. We collaborate with industry partners to offer internships and work placement opportunities whenever possible. These opportunities allow students to gain real-world experience and develop their skills in a professional setting after completing a logistics course in Kerala. 

To stay informed about the latest news, events, and updates from the Logistics Institute, you can go through our website. Additionally, follow us on our social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, where we regularly share updates, industry insights, and upcoming events.

 Yes, we provide ongoing support to our candidates through career services. This includes job placement assistance, career counselling, resume building, and interview preparation. We strive to maintain a strong relationship with our graduates and support their professional growth even after completing their program.

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