The School of Logistics Management and Technology is an educational Institution with the intention of fostering the greatest levels of academic excellence in the students. For an aspirant looking out for an international career, SLMT is a distinctive and independent co-educational Logistics Colleges in Kochi, Kerala. It combines undergraduate and graduate education programmes to provide a surplus of talent for upcoming logistical requiremenrs. The programme was created by top academics and includes the most recent theoretical and technological developments while being tailored to meet the demands of industry. In order to become true professionals in their industry, our campus’ students study knowledge both broadly and deeply, cognitively exploring a variety of subjects and methodologies.


Courses Offered

The courses offered here enables you to develop knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of logistics and supply chain management which will assist you in the management of resources, processes and people. The course will help you learn about the different aspects of logistics functions, including purchasing, operations, warehousing, transportation and supply chain management.


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What makes us special


In-depth knowledge to make ideas better for future


Globally recognition for our professional qualifications



Distinct education standards and research opportunities



Expose to wide area of industries not yet explored


Logistics Courses in Kerala

Logistics Courses in Kerala

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No. We have only one official website i.e. where you can submit your query forms. We request the applicants to be aware of any other spurious website that claims to be associated with SLMT or CILT International or suggests that they can help you to procure our franchise.

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We only share the details after we have shortlisted you as our prospective franchisee.

We appreciate your keen interest in being our franchisee, but however all initial contacts will be online only, no Telephone queries or request for an appointment will be entertained. After the franchise form is submitted online and you appear to qualify based we will then be in touch to request additional information or fix an appointment with you.

We only share the details after we have shortlisted you as our prospective franchisee.

This is not an absentee business. While we are not looking for you to just buy a job, we also don’t want you to expect the business to run itself. We want you involved in the business, community and success of the franchise.

Dear Applicants, we apologize if you haven’t heard from us but however please make a note that since we do not solicit to buy or offer to sell our franchise, we are not obliged to reply but we welcome all the queries and we try to reply as much as we can. As we receive huge amount of queries every day, we try our best to keep in touch and give our feedback. It also might be that you may have submitted an incomplete form.

Dear Applicant, There might be number reasons for not considering your query:
-The area you have selected is already allotted or reserved for existing franchisee that will be expanding to the area in near future.
-Due to huge demand for that area, we have kept all new queries on hold till we assess all queries sent to us before you.
-We have already shortlisted our franchise partners for that area and therefore we are no longer considering any new request.
– Some areas may appear suitable for expansion and/or development, but our strategies or business conditions may limit our desire to expand into the area.

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