The food delivery platform hopes to use the e-bike to optimize efficiency and go green
Hero Lectro Cargo (HLC) and Swiggy have partnered to pilot the deployment of cargo e-bikes for last-mile food delivery in Hyderabad.

Swiggy, which has already been planning to include EVs in its fleet, will be utilizing Hero Lectro’s WINN – a purpose-built e-bike, in a bid to optimize efficiency, cost and reduce carbon footprint by going green.

Starting August, Swiggy in association with Fast Despatch Logistics, a last-mile delivery service provider, and AS Group is launching a pilot project in Hyderabad with Hero Lectro WINN, wherein the delivery partners will be making the food deliveries on the cargo e-bikes. “Hero Lectro Cargo E-bikes are purpose-built and are economically and ergonomically viable for the last-mile delivery. The concept of Cargo E-bikes is only going to be more and more acceptable since the host of benefits it offers actually comes at zero tradeoffs,” Partha Choudhary, President, and CEO, Hero Lectro Cargo, said in a statement.