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Middlemen worried as box lines, terminal operators offer door-to-door service
October 22nd, 2021 by

On Wednesday, Dubai-based DP World launched CARGOES Logistics, a new digital logistics platform that helps customers book freight by sea, road, and/or rail

Global terminal operators and container shipping lines are exploring end-to-end freight management, a move that will drastically curtail the role of freight forwarders.

August 14th, 2021 by

Careers in Logistics, Shipping, and Supply Chain are overlooked by the young talents of today due to the following reasons.
1.Logistics is a big business
As we all know, if an organization manufactures a product, distributes or sells a product, the need of Logistics, Shipping and Supply Chain plays a key role. Here comes the importance of logistics professionals to make ensure their operations keep on smoothly rolling along. This is an industry that plays a vast role in our economy.
2. Employment projections for logisticians look strong
Most people are aware of the common professions in Medical, Engineering, Law, and other related professions.
But when looking into the massive size of careers in the field of logistics, a pretty steady demand for skilled logistics professionals is really surprising.
3. Work locations can vary
Logisticians have a lot to do every day and there is no standard work setting. Logisticians can work anywhere from a factory setting to an office to a mobile location like a delivery or pickup center and this results in a myriad of possibilities.
4. It can be a challenging career
As a logistician, so many other people and processes will depend on you. It is the diligence and planning of the logistics professional that will allow everyone else to do their job efficiently and effectively.
5. Understanding the large picture of supply chain management is crucial
Logistics is a crucial piece of the SCM puzzle, but it’s only one piece. To understand more about this it is important to study different logistics-related courses professionally in good institutes so as to become competent.
6. Education is an important first step
Many people would have not even thought of the idea of pursuing a career in logistics. But now with more knowledge about this challenging but rewarding global profession, one should have a far better idea of whether it’s an option that’s right for them. Entering this field with a proper educational background in logistics, Shipping, and SCM will reach you to heights.

DP World eyes 100% acquisition of Imperial to expand footprint in Africa and Europe
July 14th, 2021 by

Logistics major DP World is planning to acquire South Africa’s Imperial Logistics Ltd for $890 million, one of DP World’s most significant acquisitions in Africa so far. DP World is interested in acquiring Imperial and all its businesses to expand its logistics footprint in Africa and Europe. Imperial’s Logistics International business is within the scope of the offer and as such will not be sold separately under this proposed offer.

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