Pharma logistics is one of the foremost important stages of the operations for any pharmaceutical business because the activities are highly time sensitive. It’s very critical for providing the proper medicine to the correct patient at the correct time, place and dosage and most significantly at the proper price.

Since business is very competitive today, success largely depends upon the efficiency of supply chain. Supply chain is extremely critical because it maintains the complex network relationship between the organizations (drug manufacturers), trading partners to source raw materials, delivery products, retailers and hospitals.

Today the role of Logistics in Pharmaceutical industry has taken a vital role. Covid has taken the control of human life. To win this situation Logistics plays a key role in each one of our lives. The faster the medicines and vaccines are transported the lesser the threat for life due to Covid. This situation is not just applicable in present scenario but in any circumstances of medical field.

The important considerations for pharma SCM are:

  • Protection from contamination, etc.
  • Managing perishable products
  • Maintaining temperature control
  • Exceptionally long cycle times
  • Maintaining Inventory
  • Specialized packaging
  • Data loggers for temperature control
  • To maintain delivery schedules and meet deadlines

Logistics is considered as an important part of the pharmaceutical industry since the activities are highly time sensitive. Additionally, pharma products need temperature-controlled storage and distribution

Thus, logistics and SCM are expected to play a significant role in Indian pharma industry and could contribute towards the enhancement of productivity as well as growth of the industry.

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