For online businesses, eCommerce warehousing is not just a storage space but also an integral part of order fulfillment. Having the right eCommerce warehouse can be the key to making or breaking your success as an online business. Therefore, choosing the right one for your business is crucial

There are mainly 8 types of Warehouses for Ecommerce industry:

  1. Public Warehouses-

    As the name suggests these types of warehouses are owned by governmental bodies but are made available to the private sector.

  2. Private Warehouses-

    These are privately owned by the wholesalers, manufacturers or distributors.

  3. Bonded WarehouseBonded warehouse is a dedicated portion of a facility where imported goods are stored before the customs duties or taxes are being paid.
  4. Smart Warehouses-

    A smart warehouse is a type of warehouse where the storage, fulfilment process and management is automated with AI. Automation typically includes everything from software for management to robots and drones performing tasks like packing, weighing, transporting and storing goods.

  5. Consolidated Warehouses-

    These types of warehouses takes small shipments from different suppliers and groups them together into larger shipments before distributing them to buyers. The catch is that all the shipments are intended for the same geographical location.<

  6. Cooperative Warehouses-

    As the name suggests, its owned by Cooperative sector but can be used by Cooperative members and others too.<

  7. Government Warehouses- These warehouses are directly owned and controlled by the government, such as seaport storage facilities. These are charged at affordable rate.
  8. Distribution Centres-

    A distribution centre is a storage space which is usually built with specific requirements. These warehouses are used for temporary storage.

There are many types of warehouses available and each has its own purposes, advantages and disadvantages. Picking a suitable one depends on the specific business needs, supply chain, target market, budget and many other things. Choosing the right warehouse will definitely be profitable for the organisation.