India, a developing nation has been showing a positive attitude to the upliftment of Women in all sectors. As in any field women have stepped into being Truck Drivers too. Though it is a male dominated society, women are increasingly attracted to this profession due to the equal pay and great demand for truck drivers. 

Yogita Raghuvanshi, the first woman truck driver in India from Bhopal has entered one of the most difficult but demanding industry due to the hardships that she had to face in her life.

A tomboy as a child, Ms. Yogita Raghuvanshi is a lawyer but earns her living as the owner of Rajhans Transport Company driving trucks

Stranded on the streets holding the hands of her two children, after her husband passed away at a road accident she decided to flow against the tide. The year was 2003 when Ms. Raghuvanshi, then 33 years old, faced a cloudburst of hardships starting with her lawyer-husband dying in a road accident. She knew that she will not be able to earn much as a fresher in the profession of law. Though she lost all the property, she transferred her husband’s trucking company in her name and contacted their former drivers to ply the trucks. The best decision she made was to become a truck driver herself.

Yes she has faced a lot of issues as truck driver like being out half a month, not able to use toilets used by the male truck drivers who are predominant, etc., but for her all these are just minor issues

She holds up her dignity as a woman again when she says: “Women are stronger than men in controlling their behavior better, and education helps one exercise restraint.”