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India’s warehousing sector checks into the fast lane
May 23rd, 2022 by

Buoyed by the e-commerce sector and the growth of the Indian industry, warehousing in India has undergone a metamorphosis. With technological advancements, consolidation, government support, newer business models, and investment coming into the space post the pandemic, the sector may well be set for a dream run for the next five years

Warehousing is a crucial part of the supply chain for businesses that are engaged in manufacturing, importing, exporting, and transporting of physical goods. From being mere holding places of stock or low-grade godowns, warehouses have metamorphosed into smart buildings replete with insulation, ventilation, climate-proofing, surveillance and standard safety procedures, and IT infrastructure.
From a largely unorganized, asset-heavy industry, warehousing has also undergone an evolution in India, especially after a multitude of factors like the expansion of pharmaceutical, e-commerce, and manufacturing sectors. Some growth can also be attributed to favorable government policies in recent years and an increase in the spate of institutional investments.

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