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Today the business world is quite dynamic. One needs to be updated and have a comprehensive understanding of how it operates. Unexpected changes like the pandemic forced businesses to take deviations and upgrades in its operation. It’s essential to learn the process within and between an organization. That’s where Logistics and Shipping  Management comes in. It’s an exciting course that you can take within a short period of time. Here are the top fascinating benefits of studying Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

  1. Profitability Growth

There are numerous job opportunities within supply chain management. Business organizations are searching for individuals who can contribute to their financial success. They need someone who can analyze cost efficiencies, maintain proper inventory levels as well as decrease operating expenses. Thus a professional staff contributes to the company’s goal of increasing sales, infiltrating new markers as well as making a difference. It’s a chance to make the company gain a competitive advantage as well as increase shareholder value. Pursuing Shipping and Logistics courses is the ideal way to prepare you for the responsibilities that lie ahead.

2. Decision making as a tool

Businesses continue to experience significant changes, and the global supply chain continues to become updated. It causes businesses to keep struggling when they have to adapt to manufacturing location changes and use cost-effective techniques.

Companies keep looking for individuals who have logistic management training. Its because these individuals can spot a complication. They then proceed to provide the best possible solution. It’s nice to study a course that is quite relevant to business dynamics.

3. Technological Advancement

Studying Logistics Courses in Kerala is a suitable career investment. With a comparatively lesser fee structure, it enables you to work around the technology. You stand to benefit from implementing new technology into a company’s current operations. It is because these technological advancements minimize cost as well as streamline the processes. Being a supply chain manager means you will be at the forefront of applying the best possible technology.

4. Keep up with challenges and trends

When you choose to study supply chain and logistics management, you get to know how to handle trends in the industry. It’s an excellent opportunity to deal with what clients want and calculate the company’s books.

It’s time to embrace new technology and spearhead it within an organization. You get to keep a close eye on each further advancement and offer excellent communication to clients, vendors, and the company. In the current world, you need to take a thrilling course that will enable you to stay relevant in the ever-changing business environment.

SLMT is a well-established Global Educational Partner of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport ( CILT) which aims at providing quality international training in the field of Logistics, Shipping, and Supply Chain Management to meet the wide demands arising in the industry.

What is logistics? Scope and importance of logistics
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Logistics is the backbone of the economy because it assures the efficient and cost-effective flow of products. Because of its wide range of prospects and corporate breadth, logistics has become a popular career choice. You’ll also need to be committed to professional growth if you want to work in logistics or supply chain management (CPD). You’ll be expected to continue to expand your knowledge and abilities throughout your career by attending training classes, presenting at conferences, and networking events. Logistics courses in Kerala offer the best career opportunities for students.

Everything is now available in a fraction of the time it used to take. Logistics are the reason why your online order arrives at your door. Order processing, inventory, transportation, and a mix of warehousing, materials handling, and packaging, all integrated across a network of locations. A professional logistician oversees the full order cycle and process to boost corporate growth while also ensuring customer pleasure and long-term viability. A Logistics Manager’s weekly working hours can range from 50 to 60 hours. The Logistics Manager usually works in shifts. A company’s ability to retain customers and hence increase revenues will be aided by good logistics management. If a company can convey its goods to vendors, distributors, and customers in a timely and efficient manner, the company would undoubtedly gain. When a customer requests your product, a well-executed logistics strategy ensures that it is ready for trade.

What fields will you be able to work in when you finish this course?
– E-commerce
– Warehousing
– Shipping lines
– Aviation
– Freight forwarding
– Manufacturing
– Cargo terminal operators
– Port operators
– Road transport

Logistics management was behind every home delivery you’ve ever received, every mall shopping experience, and even vaccine availability during the pandemic. Someone who organizes the supply and distribution of commodities is known as a logistics manager. He or she ensures that the goods get to their destination on time and in good condition. Customer service management is the most prevalent entry-level position in this industry. On a personal level, customer service is a vital aspect of logistics and supply chain management. A profession in the supply chain allows you to travel more and earn more money. Candidates with a degree in supply management can work as Customer Service Managers, Fulfillment Supervisors, Supply Chain Analysts, Consultants, Transportation Managers, Warehouse Operations Managers, Shipping Coordinators, Export Executives, Expeditors, Purchasing Managers, Supply Chain Software Managers, International Logistics Managers, and Supply Chain Managers both inside and outside the industry.

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Pharma logistics is one of the foremost important stages of the operations for any pharmaceutical business because the activities are highly time sensitive. It’s very critical for providing the proper medicine to the correct patient at the correct time, place and dosage and most significantly at the proper price.

Since business is very competitive today, success largely depends upon the efficiency of supply chain. Supply chain is extremely critical because it maintains the complex network relationship between the organizations (drug manufacturers), trading partners to source raw materials, delivery products, retailers and hospitals.

Today the role of Logistics in Pharmaceutical industry has taken a vital role. Covid has taken the control of human life. To win this situation Logistics plays a key role in each one of our lives. The faster the medicines and vaccines are transported the lesser the threat for life due to Covid. This situation is not just applicable in present scenario but in any circumstances of medical field.

The important considerations for pharma SCM are:

  • Protection from contamination, etc.
  • Managing perishable products
  • Maintaining temperature control
  • Exceptionally long cycle times
  • Maintaining Inventory
  • Specialized packaging
  • Data loggers for temperature control
  • To maintain delivery schedules and meet deadlines

Logistics is considered as an important part of the pharmaceutical industry since the activities are highly time sensitive. Additionally, pharma products need temperature-controlled storage and distribution

Thus, logistics and SCM are expected to play a significant role in Indian pharma industry and could contribute towards the enhancement of productivity as well as growth of the industry.

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